Winners for the OzTrek 8 competition!!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our first ever competition.   Congratulations to Kelly Wilkinson, Vivien Sanders, Nigel Oglethorpe and David Geeves.   You have won double passes to Oztrek 8, featuring Jeri Ryan and Manu Intiraymi.

To claim your prize, come to the Sebel in Parramatta before 10am this Sunday morning.   Your names will be listed at the door, so all you have to do is inform the volunteers at the desk who you are and you (and a friend, these of course being double passes) will be permitted entry.  All the details of the event can be found at the Culture Shock Events website.

I look forward to meeting you all then!

Win a Double pass to OzTrek 8

Below is our chat with Robbie from Culture Shock Events at Supanova this weekend, in which he has offered us 4 double passes to give to some of our lucky readers;


Culture Shock Events website

Culture Shock Events Facebook page

For your chance to win one of the four double passes to attend OzTrek 8, featuring Jeri Ryan and Manu Intiraymi.   For your chance to win, tell us below what your favourite 7 of 9 episode is and why.   Entries close 5pm on Friday, with winners to be announced by 10pm.   Good luck!!

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Supanova Sydney 2012 – Sunday

Sunday far surpassed Saturday, a large part of this likely being due to the rain keeping away today, so not everyone was confined to the interior of The Dome.   Once again, there was a lot of fantastic cosplay, some of which will be shown here, and some in our contributor Fourth Verse’s post, which we expect to be posted tomorrow night.   After the cosplay pics, we have a video of an interview with our friends at Culture Shock Events, whom had a stall at this year’s Supanova.    I urge you to check it out, as we have been given 4 double passes to next weekend’s OzTrek 8, featuring Jeri “7 of 9” Ryan.   Following the video will be the competition details for your chance to win one of these prizes!

Anyway, without further preamble, on to the cosplay!

Cosplay Pics

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Shock Horror – A Culture Shock Event

Recently, I promoted Culture Shock Events upcoming OzTrek 8, and neglected that the champions that are the event organising team have some other special events worthy of note also coming up.   Recently, their Facebook page indicated that there are still some tickets left for Shock Horror, featuring the original Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.

This event will be held at the Sebel in Parramatta on May 6th.   For all the details, including how to book tickets click here.

I highly urge all genre fans to help support these guys.   Not only do they have OzTrek 8 coming up, but also events with invited guests from The Walking Dead.   As if meeting Jeri Ryan in a few months was not enough, they also have something that blows my mind.   In their upcoming Licence to Thrill, they have George Lazenby appearing, Australia’s very own James Bond!   Keep the great guests coming!

OzTrek 8: Assimilate!

Recently, Revenge of the Film Nerds has been chatting with the team behind Culture Shock Events.   This is a group that co-ordinates some fantastic conventions here in Australia, including Armageddon, an event that we immensely enjoyed last year.   After all, that was where we met John Rhys-Davies!!

Being a HUGE Trek fan, I was very excited to hear about their upcoming Star Trek Convention, OzTrek 8.   Featuring Voyager’s very own Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan, and younger repeat guest character Icheb, Manu Intiraymi, it promises to be an awesome event!!   It will be at the Sebel, Parramatta, on Sunday, the 24th of June.

To book tickets, click here to go to the event website.   Ticket [prices are cheaper for members of FSF, the Friends of Science Fiction.   I know for sure I will love to be there, so looking forward to seeing some ROTFN readers there too!!