Welcome SchmandaRose

SchmandaRose joined the ranks of Revenge of the Film Nerds yesterday with her very first post reviewing The Lord of the Rings on BluRay.   She comes to the team after Bride of Film Nerd and I met SchmandaRose and her husband at the Supanova Postnova party.   Clearly, we were similarly punctual pairs of geeks and we hit it off immediately.

So I wish to extend a warm welcome to our new contributor, and I look forward to seeing what she has to add to the blog!!

Film Nerd’s Sydnova review

I promised a post of my Sydnova review by today, and though there are only 40 minutes left to this day, I have delivered.   Bride of Film Nerd will be posting soon (she has been a little busy helping me improve this blog), but until then, please read and see pics of my Sydney Supanova experience!!

Film Nerd’s Summary