Gametraders Blacktown Cosplay Event – 27th May 2012

Another fun day at Gametraders, with their most recent cosplay event in full swing.   Staff and customers alike dressed as their favorite anime and pop culture icons.   Publicity was running amok too, with old and new friends dedicated to the spread of geek culture meeting and swapping details.   In this respect, I give a shout out to Problem Child Productions, Project Ouroboros and Duchess Sakura Cosplay!

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Great Treasures at Gametraders – 16th November 2011

Anyone who has not been into Gametraders Blacktown in the last week, be prepared to be amazed.   In one short week there has been an abundance of new stock delivered to the store, ready to transport any pop culture enthusiast to Nerdvana.

New Games

Assassins Creed: Revelations

This is the latest instalment in the insanely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, and not only do Gametraders have the game on offer, but also a wide range of merchandise to complement the release of the game, including the figurines pictured below.   As in store, and you can get some great deals bundling any of these items with the game!!

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Set visit – Weekly Rental

Our friends at Problem Child Productions invited us behind the scenes for the shooting of their latest film, Weekly Rental.   We were given full access to cast and crew, so I have compiled a video below of our time behind the scenes.   Director Scott Sowter has invited us to attend again at a later date, so another post following this movie’s progress is likely to appear in the future.

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