Supanova Sydney 2012 – Sunday

Sunday far surpassed Saturday, a large part of this likely being due to the rain keeping away today, so not everyone was confined to the interior of The Dome.   Once again, there was a lot of fantastic cosplay, some of which will be shown here, and some in our contributor Fourth Verse’s post, which we expect to be posted tomorrow night.   After the cosplay pics, we have a video of an interview with our friends at Culture Shock Events, whom had a stall at this year’s Supanova.    I urge you to check it out, as we have been given 4 double passes to next weekend’s OzTrek 8, featuring Jeri “7 of 9” Ryan.   Following the video will be the competition details for your chance to win one of these prizes!

Anyway, without further preamble, on to the cosplay!

Cosplay Pics

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Supanova Sydney 2012 – Saturday

As per usual, it is with the Saturday session that the Supanova expo really ramped up into full swing.   There were many great and interesting stalls, a few of which I hope to spend more time exploring tomorrow.   I barely had the opportunity to scan the artist’s alley in any great detail.   I am sure most readers are here though to see some cosplay pics, of which I have taken many.   Following those, I will report on the panels I attended (Mercedes McNab, Natalia Tena, Tricia Helfer) before finishing the post with some of my general thoughts of the day.

Also, don’t forget to check out my report on the preview night, featuring more great examples of fantastic cosplay.

Cosplay Pics

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Supanova Sydney 2012 – Preview Night

Tonight was the biggest preview night I have attended for Supanova, with the lines far exceeding anything I have already seen in my experience of the two years previous to this.   I wandered the line, taking some great cosplay shots.   Upon entry, I attended the opening ceremony and a panel with the M aster to Paul McGann’s Doctor… Eric Roberts.   I will comment on these later in this post, but first lets look at the cosplay.   There were some fantastic costumes tonight, and I look forward to viewing many more tomorrow!!

The Doctor (Film Nerd) reunites with Donna Noble

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What we wasted our money on at Supanova 2011…….

1. Spiderman Snuggie (Gifts for the Geek):

Its dorky, in questionable taste, and probably the only thing that we can say makes us both warm and cool at the same time (hehe). And it was the last one so of course I had to grab it!!! There was also an elmo version of this for sale too.

2. William Shatner “Shat Happens” Tee (Gifts for the Geek):

Probably sums up Shatner’s attitude to the fate of his latest television venture “$h*! My Dad Says

3. Dr Who sonic screwdrivers (Popcultcha):

Ok I think I know what film nerd is planning for his next costume……..

4. Potty paper rolls (Global Gear):

Ok my main reason for buying this is to keep guests occupied while they are…umm..occupied, therefore preventing the inevitable peek through our bathroom cabinets. Ok I’m kidding, really I thought they was funny.

5. Pop tarts in cherry flavour (Kings Comics [we think]):

(no picture available…. long since consumed)

Mmm artificial goodness……..ok still too sweet for me, but like an addict, I can’t help buying some whenever I see them on sale. Maybe a psychological response to my mother denying these to me as a child? Who knows?

6. 4 pack of Tru Blood (Popcultcha):

This stuff just tastes goods, bought before, will buy again.

7. Batman – Year One:

A graphic novel Film Nerd has wanted for some time… was sold out by Sunday morning!

Ok, that is it (aside from photos)!!  Time to start saving for next year!