We3, a review by PowerGrid

By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely


We3 has got to be one of my favourite graphic novels of all time and I’m super excited to review it. It’s a violent, heartbreaking and disturbing, yet a heart warming and touching tale. It’s really a rollercoaster of emotions the creators have packed into a short 104 pages.

We3 follows three animals which have been developed as new forms of weapon technology. Equipped with awesome firing power and a naive sense of the world around them, the animals break free in search of ‘home’.

The fantastic thing about this graphic novel is its ability to suck a reader into this world and effectively tell this story in a hundred or so words. The writers and artists have worked perfectly in sync with each other. An extensive background is omitted, but we are given an insight into our protagonists past lives on 3 separate pages. I think what we are given is enough, anymore details and it would strip bare the mood of this comic, and not in a sexy or appealing way.

We are not given much dialogue either, but the beauty of this tale is that it is not needed. The wonderful and vivid panels are enough to convey emotion and tell a story. There are breath taking moments and instances of brilliance in the artworks.

As I said, this is one of my favourite graphic novels which I revisit every so often. It’s a one off tale with no continuance, so if you’re at a comic book store and are looking for something to start you off, but you’re not ready to commit to a long running or ongoing series, then this is the one for you. It’ll take you on a fantastic journey of tragedy and heartbreak, but leaves you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

9 / 10